Kyusho Jitsu and Knife Attacks

I have said it before and I will say it again, you will encounter no more dangerous weapon then a knife. Plus if you happen to run into someone skilled with it, then the problem gets worse.

There is an old story from the early 2000’s that happens to be true. An off duty police office walking in on a robbery with the assailant having a knife. The officer was in his late 30’s with lots of experience and knew better. But the moment got the better of him.

Now in the state this happened the police carry their service pistol at all times. For whatever reason he elected to deal with this man without drawing the gun. He did have hand to hand training, but the gun was a better option. He did win the altercation, but below is a downloadable file of picture of what he looked like at the ER. It is very graphic.

Warning Very Graphic

Now in my opinion the police are not well enough trained and this has to do with money, however this is the potential situation anyone can be looking at if they choice to defend against or are attacked by someone with a knife.

You may not have a choice.

This is the reason I am writing a new eBook on Kyusho Jitsu Knife defense. Over the course of my life I have had 2 altercations that involved knives and I came out OK. There are reason I did and those will be featured in this book!

Below is a link for more information and release dates on the very important eBook. And yes there is also a preorder for it so you have a chance to save!

Kyusho Knife Defense


How to Master the Science of Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho Jitsu World Spain

Yesterday I was watching some video from Kyusho teacher Grand Master Steve Stewart. Even after all these years he blows my mind. It is all so easy and natural for him.  Mastering the Pressure Point Art and Science of Kyusho Jitsu does take some time and effort. But if you are someone dedicated to you martial arts training, you can certainly do it too!

One of the big secrets to it all is making sure you keep good study habits. Taking notes, reading them over, continuing to pursue your education no matter how many years you have been training. I know after all these years I still have so much to learn!

There are also things you need to do while doing the physical training also.  Many martial artist make a critical mistake. Before they begin their Kyusho training they train VERY hard in their traditional style, then immediately begin working Kyusho and things don’t go very well. Kyusho is best done when you are not tired and you MUST be well hydrated!

As you know when you workout intensely you body loses a lot of water, and therefor the nervous system, and thus the Chi system  goes down to a lower level. Anytime I have done knockouts for demonstration be they neurological or  no touch I am always drinking lots of water before hand!

Keep training everyone! I am always here to answer any questions you may have. I can be reached at

Lets really spread the word and teaching of Kyusho from city to city and country to country!


Pressure Point Basics – Understanding Kyusho Jitsu

Now first I am going categorically state, Kyusho Jitsu in NOT a martial art. Kyusho Jitsu is a system, or a science that is applied to any martial art to make it more effective.

That being done lets discuss some basics. What is a pressure points? This is a place in the body where a nerve ends, branches off like in a “Y” formation, or where nerves cross.  It is not the nerve itself.

What is the size of a pressure point? A pressure points actual size is that of the head of a pen, however the area of activation is about the size of a loony, or silver dollar.

What kinds of point are there? Points come in 3 classification for attack. They are either “touch points” “rub points” or “hit points.” A touch point will not respond to a hit, however some points are of more than one type.

How long will a pressure point stay active? After stimulation a pressure point can stay active for up to 20 minutes.

How should you strike a point? A pressure point needs to be attacked at a 45 degree angle using 2-Way Action or complex motion.

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The Psychology of Self Defense

Being able to defense yourself is believe it or not more mind than it is physical prowess or technique. Not everyone no matter how well trained is able to defend themselves in a real life situation.

Back when I was with my first instructor there was a woman in the school who was amazing to watch move. Her abilities were astounding! Power, speed and grace. But one night on the riverfront in downtown Windsor she was almost raped. She froze in fear. None of her training came to her aid. Luckily for her the Windsor Police were staking out the park and arrested the 2 men before anything really bad happened.

I have been doing specialized self defense workshops and courses for 30 years. I recall very well one group of women we taught back in the early 90’s. They were all Real Estate people who were concerned about going out at night. Everyone did very well. At the end of the course we brought in an Uki, padded him up really well and had him attack each of the women in different unrehearsed scenarios. One woman screamed, began to shake uncontrollably and cried for an hour.  She had flashbacks of being attacked.

Another woman in the same group destroyed my Uki and actually hurt him through all the padding. She had been attacked once also.

It is not the martial art style and never has been. Yes the training is VERY important, but without the understanding of the REAL psychology of self defense, and not the Dr Phil crap either,  there is no way to guarantee success, or even survival of the aftermath if you lose.

The physical is only maybe 10% of the picture.

So what is it then that causes success or failure? There is a part of the human brain that determines how we react or respond to every situation in life. It’s programming decides if you are successful in self defense or any other aspect of life. It is influenced and acts upon your habitual thoughts, including the ones you don’t know you think, as well as your self image, the real self image not the one some people pretend to be.

So once again I am going to put my fingers to the keyboard and write a NON Kyusho Jitsu book on the Psychology of Self Defense. How to reprogram yourself, and help those you teach to be successful in not just a self defense situation, but life in general.

Very soon I will release more information on this eBook, which for the first time I may have printed as well. Watch our book site from the link below. Once I have the information together it will be featured on the front page.

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The Reason I say No Touch cannot be used in Real Life

When it comes to self defense you have to weed out what is real from what is propaganda, and there is a lot of propaganda. Back several years ago I saw back in Canada a segment of a news show with some ISIS training video in it released to the media.

What a joke. If this is how these clowns train their hand to hand fighters, well if the USA decides to put troupes on the ground it will be a short war.  But the general public eats it up because it looks good.

The world of self defense is not just kicking and punching. You have to deal with the rush of hormones within your own body, adrenaline, which causes all sorts of issues like shaking, rapid breathing, loss of the concept of time, and thus timing, and also tunnel vision.

A No Touch Knockout requires tremendous focus. I just don’t see that happening in real life.  Perhaps there are people who can control themselves to this extent, but I don’t know any personally.

Subconscious programming of movement is one thing, the control of the fight or light reflex. But I am not sure about subconscious programming of focus.

So then why do it at all?? Because learning to focus is ALWAYS a good thing! There could be situation where you would have the time and ability to calm down enough to perhaps have some effect. But certainly not in the heat of battle.

One thing, the ability learning no touch gave me was to be able to calm myself more quickly and negotiate better because of it.

No Touch knowledge has its benefits. Time will tell how far it can be taken!


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The Great Truth of Knife Defense

There is no more dangerous weapon in hand to hand combat than the knife. Why? First of all it can change direction, cut from many angles, and is very unforgiving.  Bullets miss, knives rarely do!

There are literally hundreds of different styles of knives, each with strong and weak points as a weapon. But they all share one common trait. If they cut the right place life is over in seconds.  In the hands of a professional trained knife fighter the average person has little to no chance of survival.  But we don’t focus on training for the professional right away. Odds are you will encounter someone pissed off, or desperate (drug addict) with little skill. This is the first step in training.

I have seen some really terrible knife defense over the years. But you have to start somewhere right? The problem is often that after a dozen or so counter techniques most martial arts stop there. Now the combat systems like Systema and Bojuka go in depth with knife defense. But the problem for most martial artist is that it requires re-learning movement they have already become adept at.

It would be better to add to the knowledge you already have, and make that more effective than to reinvent the wheel. That is where Kyusho Jitsu Knife Defense, my upcoming eBook comes in.

This new eBook will include practical information, Kyusho and medical principles, as well as training exercises you can use and incorporate into you current art, system or style. The eBook will include links to download companion video to go with the information in the book.

For more information on this NEW eBook / Video set follow the link below. Yes there is a preorder!

Kyusho Jitsu Knife Defense




New Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Point Video Coming

I have been working on updating a lot of old information these past months. New courses, new video, new eBooks.  There is just not a enough days in the week for me to keep up sometimes.

Very soon, within the next 10 days or so i will be releasing a NEW Video that is seminar footage on the Advanced Principle of Alarm Points.  This is the first part in a series, with the first segment called Alarm Point Basics.

This first video will cover all the basic elements of Alarm Points on the front of the body, and Associated Alarm Points on the back of the body, and how they tie in together.

If you are interested in learning more about this video follow the link below. Yes there is a preorder available!



The Art of Learning Kyusho Jitsu

While I was in Spain last weekend I was very impressed with the level of knowledge many of the attendees have. I was also very impressed at how those with little experience were so very eager and attentive.

Learning is an art in of itself! The attendees too notes non stop during the event, and worked the principles well when it was time to train. I was thrilled!

There are those who believe you can only learn Kyusho in a classroom. However they misunderstand what the pressure point art and science of Kyusho Jitsu really it.

It is not a “martial art,” but a system that works within a martial art. There are no “techniques” but principles and concepts that you learn to apply to your own style to make it much more effective.

Now the best way to learn anything is in a room with a teacher, but that is simply not always possible. I am working hard daily to increase the number of Certified Kyusho Jitsu Teachers in the world, but that takes time.

I have created several distance learning programs to help deal with this matter. The starting point in all of this for the martial art student is our Kyusho jitsu University Gold Membership Program. This is a monthly membership certification course for someone who wished to rank and learn all they can about pressure points. It is a curriculum based structured program with many associated bonuses. Plus no long term commitment either!

The cost of the membership is $29 per month which is a steal considering I charge $75 per month in classroom. But there are many other incredible benefits too!

Right now you can TEST DRIVE this membership for only $1.00 for your first 30 days.  Follow the link below and read more on all the benefits and what is required to start!

Kyusho Jitsu University Gold Membership Test Drive


News on the Dim Mak Project

I just wanted to touch base with everyone with regards to what is happening with the Dim Mak Project. Right now I am still in the data collecting stages, make my notes from all the research I have been doing. All this information is compared to each other, and also compared to the direct work I have done to find the common truths versus the folklore about Dim Mak.

Things are still on schedule for the release of the eBook this Fall!

Now the comparative nature of writing this eBook serves a great purpose. I can then give you accurate information, that can be studied and replicated. A few years back I did a personal project on the life of Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes). The historical accounts and folklore were ridiculous. So I did research by comparing the history from the Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, information from Wallachia (Now Romania) and then searched actual historical records from places like Sibiu to see how everything lined up and compared.  After I wrote an eBook account of his life I believe to be the most accurate. But you can see the idea behind the research!

The Dim Mak Project is being done the same way!

For more information on the Dim Mak Project I am going to give you a few links.  Below is the full list including Facebook pages and groups.

If you are curious about my work on Prince Vlad III Dracula follow the link to the Facebook Page.

Have a great weekend!



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