Kyusho Jitsu Being Accepted as Truth

Truth comes in 3 stages.

  1. First it is laughed at,
  2. Second it is violently apposed and
  3. Third it is accepted as self evident.

The pressure point art and science of Kyusho Jitsu is approaching that final stage.

The media has done their part over the years to ridicule the art. Even National Geographic a once respectable publication tried to hang George Dillman and Leon Jay out to dry.  I recall a TV news show trying very hard to disprove a Kyusho teacher in the Chicago area many years back.  But this is the way things are in our sensational world.

Today as the art evolves and people like myself remove the hype from it then it slowly becomes accepted. It is a game changer when it comes to real life situations. But like anything else only if it is taught properly. Being a great martial artist does not make you a great teacher of the arts.

The Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance which I formed about a year ago is all about research. Making Kyusho work for anyone who sincerely looks into it. This requires “systems” be put in place for teaching and learning. We have those systems!

Today there are a lot of martial artist talking out of their ass about the McDojo. That makes me laugh so very hard. They “think” that is an insult, when in fact it is the highest compliment anyone can give!


First, I would bet everyone of those hypocrites have eaten at McDonald’s and more than once! But, McDonald’s is the most successful franchise EVER, because of SYSTEMS. So perhaps these men should put their egos aside, maybe they will learn something! The food at McDonald’s sucks, but that is because you buy it! Because a Dojo has a lot of students does not mean ANYTHING other than they know what they are doing!

Bad Dojo’s GO BROKE!

Kyusho is no different. Because someone is too lazy, too egotistical or too closed minded to learn, does not mean it is not real!

Who is Kyusho for? Well if you read all of this it might be you! We offer 2 free courses to help get you started. And they really are FREE. From here you can decide if you wish to continue!

Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

Free Neurological Knockout Course

Neurological Pressure Points Jitsu Knockout Course


The World of No Touch Knockouts

This is one of the great mysteries of Kyusho Jitsu study, and it is really no mystery. There are reasons these are possible, and with some time and practice anyone can do them.

As far as them being used in self defense I personally have my doubts. At least not under normal circumstances, but then 20 years ago no one would have expected the technologies we see today either.

No Touch Knockouts are a great lesson in the ability to control energy as well as focus your own mind.  I have been doing them for many many years in demonstrations, and back in 2011 I did a special seminar for my advanced Kyusho class on the topic. It was recorded and produced into video.

I made the video available to the world for $37 back a while ago. I got rave review and a lot pf praise for it! This prompted me to write a companion eBook for it, which was released several months ago. The eBook sells for $47

With all this being said I am going to offer this week a GREAT deal on both these important products.

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Kyusho Jitsu Seminar in Spain

On Saturday June 17th I will be in the beautiful country of Spain doing a seminar for a group there on the 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu.

To say I am exciting is an understatement! It has been a few years since I last traveled for a seminar and it is always such a rewarding experience! The reason I ended up here in Romania was because of a seminar I did for a small group in Constanta 7 years ago.

If you would like some information on the seminar follow the link below.

There is so very much to learning Kyusho Jitsu and attending seminars is one of the best places to begin.  It is a great experience and they are a lot of fun also!

But don’t forget to bring a notebook!

The seminar is being videoed at my request and there will be some footage available in the future.  Now if you are interested in hosting a Kyusho Jitsu Seminar in your dojo follow the link below for information.

Have a great day!

Kyusho Seminars and Workshops


What are Alarm Points and why should you care?

What is an Alarm Point?

This is a specific pressure point on the body that relates to a specific organ on the body.

As an example the Alarm Point for which is ST-25.

What happens when yous strike an Alarm point?

  • You active the associated meridian bi-laterally
  • You activate the meridian struck on the side of the body hit
  • You activate Triple Warmer bi-laterally

There is much to discover about Alarm Points,  there are several different types.

  • Alarm Points (Front of the Body)
  • Associated Alarm Points (Back of the body)
  • Special Alarm Points

Alarm Points were also the feature PLUS ONE in my last eBook titled The 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu!

This weekend I have an opportunity for you that you will not want to miss! Back several years ago I did an advanced session for my students and this was recorded! This is a must have for all Kyusho Enthusiasts!

The regular price of this Alarm Point Workshop is $37, but right now, this weekend ONLY you can get it for $7.00!!!

Just $7.00!

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Who wants to Learn to do a Leg Knockout?

Understanding Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts from our NEW Online Courses!

Want to learn more? there are 2 different options!

The first is a FREE 3 Video Introduction to doing Neurological Knockouts. This will help you get a basic understanding of what is going on and also how important these are to real street self defense.

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Join Our Free Kyusho Jitsu Knockout Course!

Next is our actual knockout course at Kyusho Jitsu University. This is a course that gives you one lesson and one “done for you” knockout per week so that you can become an expert in no time!

Follow this link for details!

Neurological Pressure Points Jitsu Knockout Course


Growing the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance

Are you a member yet of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance? It is free so follow the link to join NOW!

I have been working for the last year to grow the alliance and provide the very best Kyusho Jitsu education and it has been going amazing well! We are a NON Political Alliance, not a federation with education being the priority!

There are many benefits to membership, especially for the school owner, and those benefits will grow as the organization grows.  Because  our focus is on education we have created many, many different distance learning products as well as full certification courses for Black Belts and Instructors.

Yesterday I had a email from someone looking for a school to learn Kyusho in one of the southern states in the USA. There was nothing I could tell him. He did not want to learn via distance, unless he had no other choice. I can’t recommend someone I don’t know, because not all Kyusho instructors are created equal, like anything else.

Now I hope you see the opportunity here for the school owner.  Become a certified instructor opens many doors for you! When you certify with us we provide you with the systems to become successful teaching Kyusho!

Check out our Alliance website and join today! View the entire site and see the benefits of membership!

The FACTS about Real Self Defense

The other day on YouTube I comments on a video with reference to how very important Kata really is to self defense training. The reply I got was that “free sparring” was as close to the real thing as you will get. WRONG.

Now I will first say, anyone sends me a comment or a message without a REAL name I have ZERO respect for you or your opinion. I am not into cowardice. But now I will explain AGAIN why this view is foolish!

I had a student for many years who is a big man and was a bouncer in a local bar in his younger days. He questioned by methods and one night we had a long discussion about them. After we were finished he went, “yeah you are right.” This changed his resistance to what I teach and made him very effective.

Why? First, self defense is NOT a fight! No one who is attacking you is going to dance around, circle you, or jab at you with a fist or a foot.

Now, that may be the pathetic reality for a bar fight or a high school ego battle, but NOT the reality of someone who is trying to kill you, rob you, rape you, or just kick the shit out of you for fun!

How to do I know? Personal experience and having long time students who have also had the experience and have helped as we designed systems to teach people.

Now the guys comment was “imaginary fights” don’t work. I can tell you right now he has NO CLUE how to train a Kata! If you know who to do it, the movements can be programmed into the subconscious mind, and ALONG with PROPER Self Defense training, you can become very effective!

Sport and Self Defense are not the same thing. And I am very sure that there are very few MMA fighters who are attacked, called out perhaps, but that is a FIGHT, not an ATTACK.  Self Defense is an entirely different animal! There are many great martial artists in the world with real life military training, and everyone I have ever talked with agreed completely.

There are many things that can help a student develop a well rounded approach to martial arts training for self defense. You need a solid root art and a GOOD to GREAT teacher.  But any system you study that ADDS pressure points to it are always more effective!

If you would like to learn more I have 2 free courses you can sign up for. You can also opt out at anytime if it is not for you. Follow the links below!

Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

Free Kyusho Jitsu  Mini Course

Free 3 Video Neurological Knockout Course

Free Kyusho Jitsu Knockout Mini Course

Neurological Knockouts, how is a Leg Knockout Possible?

The video below was a knockout I did in I think 2010 or 2011 back in Canada. It was a knockout on leg point SP-11. I have had many questions about this knockout as to how it is possible.

Now there are 2 explanations, once Kyusho and one medical, and BOTH are important! Can this type of knockout be done in the street? Yes it can if you understand the WHY & HOW.

Take a watch below!

If you would like to learn more about doing Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts in Real Self Defense situations subscribe to our FREE Neurological Knockout 3 Video Mini Course.

Click the link below to join now!

Join Our Free Kyusho Jitsu Knockout Course!

The Secrets to Learning and Understanding Kyusho Jitsu

Yesterday I had someone leave the mini course because as he or she said, “too many emails to read.” So what does that tell me? I am not sending enough emails! This person is just not serious, and therefore it is best to move on.

Anything worthwhile in life takes work, and the pressure point study of Kyusho Jitsu is something very worthwhile! This knowledge can be the difference between life and death in a real life self defense situation.

Playing with it, is like owning a gun and not learning about safety or shooting. It is a waste of time!  Don’t fall into the massive lie today about instant everything. Life is not instant and the reward is always the journey!

Today’s world is getting more dangerous and stupid day by day. The need for self protection, protection for your family is critical! Kyusho Jitsu is a part of that equation, not the only part, but part of it!

Being that I am a teacher, and I am real teacher because my goal is for my students to be better than me, talking about my own experiences in self defense is important, but it is more important to talk of my students experience.

Two very important examples come to mind! One was a provincial police officer in Canada who used this knowledge to successfully end a serious problem, and the other a military man who used this knowledge, along with his military training overseas in real hand to hand combat situation. Why were they successful? They did the work!

Those who say it does not work fall under the same category as the person who says “too many emails.” The truth is  they are TOO LAZY to do the work!

Now I am looking for a total over the next few years of 150 serious martial artist who want to TEACH other this information.  In time this will exponentially change things and make people safer! So far about 25 have stood up and said “i am one!” This number is much higher than I expected so soon! They are from all over the world as well!

Are you interested? There are a few ways you can get started! But I suggest jumping into one or both of the FREE Email Courses just to get your feet wet! If you know you are serious take a look at the 3rd option of enrolling in one programs at Kyusho Jitsu University. These are certification programs.

Follow these links for more information.

  1. Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course
  2. Free 3 Video Kyusho Jitsu Knockout Mini Course
  3. Kyusho Jitsu University Certification Courses

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe!

Kyusho Jitsu Questions and Answers

Everyday when I wake up I take my Huskies out for their morning walk, make some coffee and get down to business. I am a full time martial arts teacher focusing mostly on Kyusho Jitsu.

Twice per day I answer emails and there are lots of them! Most questions are pretty straight forward. Sometimes they just cannot be answered so I send the person to a product or resource.  I always answer, but depending on the time of day this can be slow.  As an example there is 7 hours time difference between me and Toronto.

I was asked recently why I have my picture on the Pressure Points Canada Facebook Page rather then a logo.  The answer is easy, I am a real person, with a long martial arts history, who is the head of this system. If you chose to learn from me you should know who I am. The student / teacher relationship in martial arts is very important, and being online is more important in my view!

If you are new to Kyusho Jitsu and the possibilities it provides you to enhance your current style you may wish to begin my checking out our 2 FREE Mini Courses. See the links below!

The 3 dogs in the picture are my children. The Arctic White Wolf “Alpha”, the Siberian Husky “Gandalf”, and the Quarter Husky “Thor” – don’t tell Thor he is not a husky, he don’t know…..LOL

These are all rescued dogs, another passion of mine.

Have a great day!