Are there Secrets Locked Inside you Kata? – Kyusho Jitsu Interpretations

Are there Secrets Locked Inside your Kata? The is a lot of mysticism over the years saying that some Kata have secrets combat moves, even “death touch” locked inside their movement.

Is this true? The answer is Yes and No…. Let me explain.

First we have to look at how the brain works. Talking of consciousness  we divide the brain into 2 parts, the conscious mind which science guesses is about 10 percent, and the subconscious which is the other 90 percent. The person you are, the things you believe, the way you act in life is based on the learning of the subconscious mind. It is that programming that determines how your life goes.

Now something that is very interesting. The brain cannot tell the difference between reality, and something that is vividly imagined.  This is what makes a “super star” athlete like a Wayne Gretsky. At night, during the day he “dreamed” of hockey, playing hockey, being the best, winning. So he did. Because all that dreaming was the same as playing in real life.

So now we can look at Kata with this idea in mind. The student goes along and practices hard, but what is he or she thinking about? Usually the next move. Or if they are a competitor, doing it well enough to win.

They are NOT thinking about combat. In fact many of the movements are not even considered to be a combat item.  They are more worried about he correct form, than the application of the movement. And much of the time, the application they may think of is very superficial!

Now lets look at a simple “block.” The real truth is that work is not accurate. As an example if I am throwing a “down block” to ward off an attackers front kick what am I doing. The word block would mean I am trying to “stop” this kick which I cannot do. The kick will happen. Look block up in a dictionary. What I am really doing is attacking the leg! If that is my purpose I will be far more successful with the movement compared to they to “block” something.

The definition of the word matters to the brain. Block is a word that will prevent many from using it. Not everyone, but many. Let face it there are hard wired movements in our brains to defend against attack and protect the head.

Now there are many who teach the meaning of the movements in Kata, which is important, especially from a traditional stand point. But, this will not program the subconscious in most cases.  I do teach different applications within movement myself, but there needs to be more to it!

Students need to be taught to see the movements themselves. This causes those “ah ha” moments, then the subconscious mind accepts the information of the movement and it will happen in REAL life when needed.

With that in mind my son Scott and I are putting together a new video series on how to TEACH students to see the application of the movement in the Kata. Now it does not matter if you are a school owner / teacher for student, this new video series will take you understanding of your systems Kata to a new level.

Take a look at this video.

For more information on this new series, release dates etc, visit the link below!

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New Video Series Coming Summer 2017

Young man practicing karate over red background

It has been a while since I did a video series, but coming in SUmmer 2017 I will be releasing a new video series on Kata Interpretation. This is going to be an amazing set of videos.

Now rather then type out a long message take a look at the video below for all the details!

If you want to read more about release dates and cost visit this link below!

Kata Interpretation

Some of What is being Passed today as Self Defense Scares Me

In the last few days I have seen 2 separate videos of women doing self defense, one against an armed assailant, the other against multiple attackers and all I can say is really? It would make a great movie scene!

Problem number one, with the current popularity of MMA style fighting people get the wrong idea of what self defense really is and there are many “organizations” taking advantage of this, and will end up getting someone hurt.

Problem number two, because the “instructor” has certain skills he or she will often think they are somehow transferable to real life.  I throw one hell of a spin hook kick, but it is for demonstration, not street.

The girl in the multiple attack video is very talented, she could be in movies or a stunt person. However, those men who were all attacking her, with adrenaline flowing, she may have defended against the 1st one, but she would be done afterward. But the choreography was awesome! Selling it as street defense, NO WAY, as a martial arts for demonstration or self improvement and fitness, 100 percent!

The woman against the gun and knife, well she died many times over. Her disarms will get her shot! Many peoples disarms do not work because guns go off far easier than people think. Especially when you take into account the mental state of the person holding the gun!

The knife work was even worse. There is nothing more dangerous than a knife! Bullets go straight, blades do not. Plus 99% of knife attacks are fast and the knife is not ever seen. They are rarely ever big lunging stabs like are depicted in movies.

Back in Canada I carried a knife with me at all times.  I have had several occasions to have it in my hands. If I needed to use it no one would have seen it coming!

Do not confuse sport with real life. Sport fighters need to have real self defense skills because their physical condition will not be an asset all their lives. Plus if they are well know they can be a target!

What is needed? A SOLID martial art or self defense system that is honest in their mandate. I am NOT a sports guy. If someone came to me and said they wanted to be a MMA fighter I would send them to someone qualified to help them.

So a solid martial art / self defense system that has an true interest in REAL self defense, plus integrates pressure point usage to assure a fast end to any altercation.

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Kyusho Jitsu Projects on the Table

It is a very busy time for me, perhaps the busiest I have ever been. But there are some great things on the horizon! So today I will take a few minutes of time and give you the short list of what is coming.

eBooks: Read more from the links

  • The 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu – This eBook is available for preorder now at a BIG discount, but soon that preorder will end. It will be released on June 1st 2017, perhaps sooner.
  • Kyusho Jitsu Principles of the Grand Master – This final eBook in the series will be available on Canada Day, July 1st 2017. This one is also available to preorder and save.
  • The Dim Mak Project – The most ambitious and unusual of my works, this eBook will discuss and explain the “death touch” and how it can work under the right conditions. I am doing a preorder for this one also, but expect to bring it to an end shortly too. Release date is Fall 2017. Exact date to be announced

Video: Yes I have some NEW Video Series and Courses coming

  • The Interpretation of Kata – This is going to be a NEW and unique perspective on how to interpret your styles Kata for Kyusho applications. It will be in 3 parts. There is currently no preorder or release date.

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Oh yes and don’t forget about the RMATC – The Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp coming July 2018! More information from the link below!

RMATC Information Page

Update: Kyusho Jitsu Seminar in Alicante, Spain

On Saturday June 17th 2017 I will be in Alicante, Spain Grand Master Art Mason will be doing a full day Kyusho Jitsu Seminar cover many, many topics! For more information on this event, and to reserve your spot please visit the link below!

You can add your name for information there or also email Master Federico Asensio.

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In Kyusho Jitsu do REAL Elements Work Against the Body?

This was a question asked of me recently with regards to the use of a wooden cane.  “If I was to strike into ST-05 with the crook of a wooden cane would that have the same cycle of destruction effect as a strike in a stance?”

Short answer is YES, actually if done correctly a “greater” effect!

Some people, who talk before they educate themselves will say that there are none of these elements in the body.  WRONG – Go read the chemical composition of a human body. It is all there!

Now it is beyond this article to backward engineer the elements to the medical condition that happens if one of more are lacking in the body. But as a quick reference, take a look at IRON deficiency. Yeah IRON is a metal and your body contains it in the blood! I won’t even address water!

So how about an experiment? Get a metal and a wooden object. Each small, but rounded at the end you are going to use as to not damage the skin.

We will use 2 points, Spleen 11 and Gall Bladder 24. Push both objects into each point and note which one is most effective for each element the points / meridians represent.

You will find that.

  • Wood is more effect at spleen 11 than metal
  • Metal is more effect at GB-24 than wood (but this one will be closer)

There is a lot to this! We are progressing into some serious advanced materials with this! If you want to REALLY learn more about the art and science of the pressure point system known as Kyusho Jitsu check out the link below!

The Basics of Kata Interpretation

Kata Interpretation

The interpretation of Kata is one of many important aspects of Kyusho study. However, from a self defense standpoint there is a lot more!

Now many of the very old Kata have some set interpretations and that is very cool! However, teaching someone to interpret something by showing them what it is, well that is not really teaching. Tradition is awesome, but in my view there needs to more.

Words matter, they are very powerful and they have BIG influence on your mind. The ability to defend yourself goes far beyond “style” and right into teaching and deprogramming certain beliefs some people can have.

Are you aware that the term “block” is wrong?  For many people, not everyone, if you teach them “block” they will not ever do it under pressure. If you use the word “strike” they will be more likely to do so. Therefore, the best method to teach for self defense is that every block is really a strike.  The very definition of the word block messes up the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Block – verb -make the movement or flow in (a passage, pipe, road, etc.) difficult or impossible.

An example is using a “down block” better called a “down strike” to redirect the kick.  Redirect and block do not have the same meaning!

So how does all this relation to Kata Interpretation? Very simple, you teach the student, guide the student into seeing things themselves in the Kata, and not just telling them what is there! If they discover it, then a connection is made in the brain, and this increasing the likelihood of them being able to use said technique in real life.


With that in mind I am in the process of creating a NEW video series on the Basics of Kata Interpretation. It will be  3 part series, each coming at different times. I have not done a video series like this in years so this will be fun!

Keep you eyes on our Video Site for information on its release dates.

Have a great day!

The Mystery of Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Principles – Sound

Almost every day I get a question about some of the things people consider to be advanced Kyusho Jitsu principles. Sound be the one most commonly asked about.

Now I don’t consider sound to really be advanced. It is in the second 5 sets of Kyusho Jitsu Principles. Sound is one of the foundations of Kyusho really. I am surprised at how many have problems with it.

Now as I have said MANY times I am here to TEACH, not create mystery! With that in mind the audio file linked in the player below will help you learn some of the basic sounds.

If this kind of thing interests you may I suggest you take a look at doing a test drive on our Kyusho Jitsu University Gold Membership. The link is below for more information and to join!

The test drive is $1.00 for 30 days. You cannot go wrong with that! You can cancel at anytime!

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Kyusho Jitsu and the Art of Healing

There is an old saying in the martial arts, before you learn to hurt someone, you should learn to heal first.

I think this statement has a lot of merit too! Now for a TRUE story. Back in 2004 I married a woman from Venezuela. She came to Canada to stay with me and seek residence. This is a long and arduous process in Canada.  During this time she developed some BAD back / kidney pains. So we went to see a doctor.

Now when someone immigrates to Ontario Canada, until they are accepted as a resident, they have no medical coverage. You pay for everything. I took her to a doctor, and they did some x-rays. These x-rays showed she had a LARGE kidney stone, one that was not going to pass without intervention.  The doctor scheduled her for an ultrasound for a better view.

The doctor explain she would need to see a surgeon, and the cost would be about $5000 plus for the operation. So I called my son Scott, who has a skill as a healer.

Scott came over and did work on her for about an hour, then fell asleep for about 3 hours. He was exhausted.

2 weeks later we went for an ultrasound.  My then wife’s pain stopped almost immediately when Scott treated her, which was great! But we did not expect the results we got from the Ultrasound!

There was NO STONE.

When the 2 images were compared, the result was remarkable. Her doctor said, “whatever you did worked!” “Because there was NO DOUBT she had a BIG stone.”

The human mind and its power are remarkable! But “science” does not want this information out. WHY? Because they will lose TRILLIONS of dollars worldwide in FUNDING. Never underestimate peoples GREED!

Now I am not saying to ignore any doctors advice, I am however saying you can make a difference in your own health, and the health of those you care about!

If you have not yet discover our Chi Courses take a look at the LINK below! We have a FREE Report / eBook on Chi Manipulation and a GREAT deal right now on our Chi Healing Course.

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What are the “Principles of the Grand Masters?”

Armlock in martial arts

Do the Grand Masters hold secrets that most martial artists never learn?  That is a very good question. As our Alliance grows i have been pondering this question a lot.

There are a lot of Kyusho people out there, that have been training a lot of years, but are lacking a lot of knowledge and information and talk about the mystery that revolves around their Kyusho world. Do you they keep secrets? Or do they just not know themselves?

Back about 7 years ago at a seminar I had a 5th Dan come up to me and ask how many points are on Heart becasue he could not remember. It is YIN right? I also was present when a 6th Dan did not understand some basic Level One principles.

The only think I know, is Dillman taught my instructor Steve Stewart and he taught me, he taught me everything Dillman gave him, plus the things he learned reverse engineering acupuncture.

Now once again, I am going to make more of this available to you! On Canada Day, July 1st I am going to be release the FINAL Principles eBook which is called “Kyusho Principles of the Grand Masters.”

If you want to learn more about it, give this link below a click!

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