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Understanding How to Make Kyusho Jitsu Work – Part 3

LU-7 and TW-11

LU-7 and TW-11

“I do not fear a man who know 10,000 techniques, I fear the man who has done 1 technique 10,000 times.”

Our world, or the expectation of it has become “instant” everything. Have you forgotten, if you are a real martial artist, what you put into your training? I have been teaching for30 plus years now and I have seen more people come and go then I want to.

And there is an interesting trend too. The natural athlete, the one techniques come easy too, they all QUIT. The ones who have to work for it, are the life timers like myself. I am NOT natural at anything!

Kyusho Jitsu is not like “root” styles of martial arts, it is not as much about training the body as it is training the mind. That is why I don’t tell someone how to do a punch or a knife hand. This has nothing to do with Kyusho. And to be honest, only the hard working will succeed. Not the “natural.”

You must train the principles of kyusho one by one into the subconscious mind. There is no other way. You cannot do it with doubt, we see those people in every art and they quit.

To train in Kyusho, you train your technique with a principle and you do it consciously until you can stop thinking about it! When you are there move on to the next and do it over and over again until it is part of you!

Then you will see GREAT SUCCESS!

Kyusho Jitsu Online Resources



The purpose of this blog as I outlined it back last summer was to be able to keep everyone posted and supply link s to some great resources to further your Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point study.

So today I am going to make a list of the different resources once again.

This is not in any order of importance, and I most likely missed something, but here goes!

Have a great weekend!

Great Deal on Black Belt and Instructor Certification – It won’t last long!



The worlds economy is not in very good shape as I know all of you know. Making some extra money to put away for a rainy day is becoming more and more important.

I am doing the same thing and Kyusho can help you do that!

Right now I have a special deal doing on my 1st Dan Black Belt Certification Course. The regular prices is actually almost $800 Canadian.

But right now you can get the FULL course for only $197 Canadian.  This is the same course I teach in the classroom in my dojo’s!

Now also, I am putting my Level One Instructor Certification Course on sale too! It is regular $997 but for a limited time ONLY will be available for ONLY $297 in Canadian Funds!

SO what is the difference between the 2 courses? The Level One Instructor Certification is the !st Dan Black Belt Course, plus the instructor’s Course! You do not need to purchase both!

Below are some links to information on both courses!

1st Dan Black Belt Certification Course

Level One Instructor Certification Course

Now if you have purchased the 1st Dan Black Belt Certification Course and wish to UPGRADE to the Level One Instructor Certification Course please email me. The cost is only the $100 difference between the 2 courses.

Have a great day and watch for our Vidcast tomorrow!

Understanding how to Make Kyusho Jitsu Work – Part 1



Everything is thought, if you do not believe that then click the link below:

More Info2

Now on to the topic. Back many years ago I did a knockout of an 18 year old student kicking SP-11 on the inner leg, this persons right leg. Simple front kick, about 1/3 power. He passed out very HARD. It was rough bringing him back.

So how did this happen? I actually took the video down because I got tire of the morons screaming “fake”.

First SP-11 is a knockout point. It is located at the center of the leg, inner thigh. The nerve here monitors the femur and femoral artery.

It is very common, and you can ask any para-med or doctor for a person to pass out when the femur is broken, or a person with a broken femur is moved.  Don’t take my word for it, ASK an MD.

Now it takes a decent strike to do this. I did not kick very hard becasue I did not want to damage my student’s leg!

So why did it work?

I brought his right arm across center line to the left side of the body.

So, why does this work? Because the SUBconscious mind is now confused and is search for the missing body part. If the right hand was to touch the left side of the body this would not work, it will work if they arms are crossed touching also.

If you need to understand better try different things yourself by crossing the arms of your Uki.

That is it for now! Have a great Friday everyone!

Does Kyusho Jitsu really need to be so complicated?


What is the hidden fist?

I have taken many different martial arts in my long career. One of the things that would always come up from style to style is “No you are not doing that right, do it this way.”

And that is something that often times discourages many martial artists from pursuing more knowledge, the re-learning process. Our way is best.

Honestly i don’t believe any style is superior, but the the artist can be!

So why is Kyusho taught with so much information? Is it really all necessary?

Yes it is, because Kyusho won’t teach you to move differently, it will teaching you think differently as you move, and think differently about your movement. And thus is why in the hands of a dedicated practitioner it is so very deadly and effective!

The masters of old, as I have said referred to this a “never strikes.” But too understand how they did it, you needed to copy exactly what they were doing. Often this was a contradiction to your current style.

As an example:

I come from a Hapkido / Taekwondo Korean arts background. If I wanted to learn pressure points, without the “information” part of the learning I would have to in my case learn American Kenpo because that is what Grand Master Steve Stewart’s root art is.

But I would not have done it because I don’t wish to learn Kenpo! So men like Dillman, and Stewart created system by which the information could be passed on, without having to change styles and movement.

Make sense?

So we now have all this information thanks to the internet available for FREE, so why would someone want to learn in a classroom or distance via a qualified teacher?

Implementation! First, when you think about all the information available to us, and how fast it is expanding there should be a lot more “well read” people in the world. But it seems like the case is opposite.

The interaction with a good to great teacher helps the process of learning by answering questions, giving opinion and advice, and helping you tailor the art to your needs.

Hopefully all this will help you realize and inspire to you not just read the information. But to ask questions and put the information to work in your root art.

Have a great day!


Don’t know who I am? Awesome!

Teaching at a Kyusho Seminar for Steve Stewart London On 2010.

Teaching at a Kyusho Seminar for Steve Stewart London On 2010.

I had a comment / question on one of my many blogs yesterday from a Kyusho GM. He was curious because when it comes to Dillman’s circles he has never heard of me.

That is because I am not part of DKI. I have had the privilege to teach at the Muhammad Ali training camp when I was there for a session, but I have never had an interest in begin part of the group.

My rank in Kyusho comes from that system, but I was taught exclusively by GM Steve Stewart. They are all great martial artists and people. The organization is amazing!

But it not my thing. I prefer to do my own thing, in my own way. I always have and always will. Having someone tell me after 32 years what or who or how I can teach just does not work for me.

This is why I am not in any “federation” for the art I teach, and also why I created the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. Not to upset or ruffle any feathers, but to be on my own path!

You are all welcome to join me if you wish. There is a link here for the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance which will explain what it is. You can also join our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course. There is real information there to help you learn on the pressure point path!

Have a great day!

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How to BEAT the Kyusho Jitsu Learning Curve


Word Collage "eLearning"

As I have said many times, the Kyusho Jitsu learning curve is very high, and that is why i believe so many people never finish the education process in it.

Why is the curve so high? Lack of organization of the materials into a system to promote easy learning. To facilitate learning, there MUST be systems in place to make it easy. Especially when the majority of the students are adults who have been out of school a very long time.

Now when it comes to teaching the martial arts, or kyusho I am the system guy!

In my school I have systems in place, as well as curriculum to the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt. I have made more Black Belts in 17 years of running a school then most will do in 50 years.

Why? Systems……..

Systems keep people learning and motivated so they train longer! But system also assure the QUALITY of the learning. In my dojo my teachers go through an arduous training program before they begin on the floor.

Now these same system I have brought to Kyusho. These system have been in place in the Kyusho programs I teach in the dojo for years, but now they are being applied to distance learning, as well as unparalleled support for the student.

Read more from the link below about beginning a formal Kyusho Jitsu Certification Program.

More Info2

Chi Development Course Opt-in Online



Things are going along very well and very fast with the NEW Chi Development Course we are going to be offering. Below you will find a link to an optin for more information on the upcoming course(s) plus a FREE White Paper / ebook that will help you get started on this fascinating and exciting journey.

Follow this link for more details!

More Info2


Pressure Point Knockout on Conception Vessel



Below is an excellent pressure point knockout on the conception vessel of the body.

If you would like more information on this incredible art and science of pressure point study called Kyusho Jitsu please subscribe to our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course by following this link!

Enjoy the video!



Pressure Point Seminars in Europe


Pressure Points Canada

Are you interested in learning more about pressure points? Or possible even obtaining rank in the art? Do you live in Europe but are having difficulty finding a qualified teacher who is not priced out of your range?

Perhaps you would like to host a seminar and make some extra cash for your school? Well Kyusho Jitsu or Pressure Point Study maybe the way to go for you!

Seminars can be tailored to your needs and that of your students, and if you wish a study group can even be started for you and your students to rank in the art. The information taught will not contradict any of what you are doing currently and will blend right in.

For more information please email me at or call +40799665392