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Informații cu privire la sistemul dvs. punct de presiune

Kyusho Jitsu and Body Typing, what element are you?

Principles of the Grand Master

Are you familiar with “body typing” as it pertains to Kyusho Jitsu and self defense? Now this is a very advanced principle and most people in Kyusho have heard about it, but few really know what it is all about. Now lets do a basic breakdown so you will know what I am talking about. Ever person contains all five of the elements we talk about in the Cycle of Destruction as well of course in the Cycle of Creation. What is interesting about this is that each person has a primary element. One element that is stronger in the body than the rest are. And that is a weakness when it comes to defense against a pressure point attack.

Now I will tell you my primary element is FIRE. I have certain physical traits that disclose that to someone who is in the know. I hide of these traits! Do you know which one? This is why I have a picture of myself in this email so you can take a look and see if you understand why I am FIRE?

Now there is more to in than just physical appearances, there is also many other personality based traits that will distinguish the primary element of a person! Now how does knowing this help in a self defense situation? Well for one, since fire is so high in my body you should know that “water” is very effective against me! Now it is beyond the scope of an email to explain this entire principle! You need a lot more information! But this is one of the most important Principles of the Grand Master that separates them from the average Kyusho Jitsu practitioner and many Master level Teachers!

In the next couple of weeks I have an new eBook coming out that will go into detail on this and several other Principles of the Grand Master! If you would like to learn more about this incredible eBook and save a pile of money by preordering you copy, follow the link below!

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Have a great week!

The Interpretation of Kata – Samples


I have been talking a lot lately about learn to interpret Kata, not just being told what it is. And that is a important project for me. I can from the Korean root art of Hapkido, flavored with some Taekwondo patterns or Hyung. My first Grand Master was close friend to General Choi and became part of that early 70’s TKD revolution in Canada.

Below is one of the patterns we did at Yellow Belt.

The part we are going to focus on is the fingertip trust followed by a chopping knife hand, then spinning back fist.

Below is a breakdown for this with Kyusho Principles in mind.

So now you can see an application of a basic Korean TKD Kata. If yu want to learn more about Kata Interpretation or Knockouts click the links below.

Have a great week!

What is My Version of Dim Mak?

So what exactly are my thoughts on Dim Mak and where did they come from? Mine are a combination of 2 things. The first is the mass amount of learning I have done at the upper end of Kyusho Jitsu, and then applied it to idea that a “death touch” was possible,

It is not based on someone system of Dim Mak or what they be or may not be teaching.  If I don’t know someone system, I have no opinion. Now for the basis of the Dim Mak Project.

What I have discovered is that a pressure points is not always equal to another pressure point.  As an example, SP21 does not yield the same result on the right side of the body versus the left side of the body. You might think so at first, but…… it is simply not the case.  Critical points like this will also react differently based on how they are hit or stimulated also.

Therefore, some have the capability of being more dangerous than others, and this is my basis for Dim Mak.

But no, you are not going to touch someone and have them drop death 72 hours later. However……..

This is not information that I will ever make available for FREE as their needs to be a barrier of entry, a way in which I feel comfortable with it being released.  However the Dim Mak Project is something you can get involved with by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Healing the Body with Chi Manipulation

People don’t want to believe any longer in anything other than what science or the medical sciences tell them.  How  successful has medical science really been in the last 50 years at curing anything? The really BIG breakthroughs that affected the mass population were at the beginning of the 20th century.

Have they cured much of anything lately? Now I am never going to tell you not see a doctor about a medical condition. But I am going to tell you that you need to take your health and well being into your own hands.

The picture above it my left hand from this morning, after the almost 100 degree centigrade (212F) water in my French Coffee Press blew up in the palm of my hand. This was along with coffee grounds.  I did not run to the sink for cold water, I did swear a lot because of the mess. However I know what to do to prevent the burn by manipulating my chi.  I have had fingers slip into deep fryers, and multiple other things like this happen. Never a blister or any sign of a burn afterward. It is usually a little sore for a few hours, but that goes away.

I have been studying this stuff for almost 30 years now, so I am not the norm. However anyone can begin to work with their own body energy and the power of their own mind to take their health and well being into their own hands.

Take a few moments and visit the website below and get your copy of my son Master Scott’s FREE eBook on beginning with Chi Manipulation. You have nothing to lose!

Are Pressure Point Leg Knockouts Possible?

Back many years ago I had a video on YouTube that they deleted and I have no idea why, however it was me doing a knockout on leg point SP-11.

I have never bothered to repost it as I assume it will just be deleted again. So how is this possible? Is this possible? The answer is YES. There are many places you have get neurological pressure point knockouts other than the head.

Here are some examples..

  • The Neck
  • The Body
  • The Legs
  • The Arms

But how is this possible? It is tied to the function of the nerve at that point in the body. And yes, with proper training ANYONE can do these. It is not magic!

So here is something really cool to get you started! You can sign up right now for a 3 video series on understanding how to do Pressure Point / Kyusho Jitsu Knockouts!

You will get 3 downloadable videos on doing a knockout from a push, a grab and a punch!

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The Dim Mak Project Updates

This is a topic that I know interests a lot of people.  If you look online you will see a lot of reference to Dim Mak. There are member school in the KJWA that are Dim Mak related. So what exactly is Dim Mak?

They are words, really that is all they are. I don’t think there is an exact translation for it into English. However I do have my own definition of the phrase.

What the Dim Mak Project is all about is high escalation self defense. The real thing, life and death situations and how to end them quickly and effectively.

I have done eBook on Humane Kyusho Jitsu which is the state of dealing with low escalation, none life threatening situation. I have covered the middle ground with the eBook Kyusho Jitsu Theories to Street Applications, and now finally the far end of the scale with the Dim Mak Project.

The Dim Mak Project is officially scheduled to launch in early Fall 2017, but you can get more information join our update list below!

The Dim Mak Project

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Do you Want to Learn the Real Secrets to doing Pressure Point Knockouts?

I don’t know about the word “secrets” because they really are not secrets, but there are method to doing pressure point knockouts that increase your success rate, which is of course very important f you want to do them on the street in real self defense!

Take a watch of this video for more information on how Pressure Point Knockouts can be successfully achieved!

Now in celebration of this New Kyusho Jitsu Knockout Course at our University I am giving a special deal on an older video series I did on Pressure Point Knockouts.

The regular price of this series is $37!

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The Kyusho – Kata Connection. How it works!

When I first began my martial arts training things with my instructor were done the old way. “Shut up, don’t talk, don’t ask questions, do as I say, TRAIN.”

This method did work for some people. But as I look at the number of people who went through that system versus how many of us are left, it was an utter failure. But for some “martial arts masters” even today a high drop out rate is a point of pride. “They could not cut it with me.” Egotistical CRAP.

For me the point of pride is reaching people. Teaching them to be safe, defend themselves and their family. But sadly there is no quick fixes for this. The reason is the years of programming people have received that damages their self worth. That is why there are only a handful of “star” athletes compared to the population. It is not that they are special, other than the programming they received at a young age. But sadly many of them end up failures too. (Drugs etc).

One of the things martial arts training should do is build self confidence. Taught correctly it does! But it also needs to properly program the subconscious mind to accept certain moves, and then be able to apply them.

But here is the catch, muscle memory is not enough! The unconscious mind needs an association and a reason to do the movements.

Thus the Kyusho/Kata connection.  It is a link between intelligent thought, and unconscious movement. But the student needs to “discover” WHY this movement happens, not to be TOLD what it is! As Bruce Lee spoke, “all knowledge is self knowledge” and martial arts training, KATA training is about discovery, NOT DOGMA.

When the mind and body come together as one the results are magic. Any long time martial arts student has had these “AH-HA” moment in training. The object is to have more of them!

Right now I am putting together a NEW course in learning HOW to interpret, see the applications of movement in you own Kata regardless of style.  These discoveries will help you make these movement part of yourself, thus making it possible to use them under high stress situations.

Follow the link and take a look!

The 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

Wednesday is the day! My new eBook on the 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu will be released for those who pre-ordered it! It is not too late yet to pre-order and save a substantial amount of money over the list price.

So what is covered in the eBook? The first 5 Principles.

  • Attack Along the Meridian
  • Attack Using the Cycle of Destruction
  • Attacking Using Yin and Yang
  • Attack Using Correct Body Mechanics
  • Attack with Tempo or Rhythm

Then I will go into details on the 2nd 5!

  • Attack Using the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  • Attack Using the Correct Stance
  • Attack  Using Colour
  • Attack Using Sound
  • Attack Using the Cycle of Emotions

Finally I will go into details on the final 5…..

  • Attack by Stacking Elements
  • Attack with the Minor Microcosmic Orbit
  • Attack Using Quadrants
  • Attack Using Directional Energy
  • Attack Using Vibration Energy Transfer (Changing Elements on the fly)

Follow this link and and pre-order before the price goes up!

New Knockout Course at Kyusho Jitsu University!

Because so many of your wanted it! We now have a NEW Course at Kyusho Jitsu University on doing Pressure Point Knockouts! Now this is not you average course! First it is an ONGOING video course, with downloadable content that is ALL NEW.

In this course I will be covering:

  • One Done for You Knockout Video Per Week!
  • The basics of knockouts
  • Knockouts using the different principles
  • Knockout from the 3 levels of attack.
  • Safety and resuscitation
  • and a whole lot more!

Now if you are a member of Kyusho Jitsu Universities Gold, Diamond or Platinum Courses this new Knockout Course is included in your monthly membership! You can access this course from the link below!

If you are not  member take a look at this video, then follow the link below for more details!

See you inside and have a great day!