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Doing Pressure Point Knockouts in the Dojo

Learning and finally doing pressure point knockouts is very rewarding. It is a lot of fun to figure out the best possible combinations, map them out and then they them live with different people and partners.

It is especially fun when you start doing body, arm and leg knockouts. Yes this can be done, and yes there are real medical reasons it happens!

However there are things you need to be cautious about when doing them!

First you need 2 people to catch the Uki. Mats or no mats someone free falling when they lost consciousness is a BAD idea. I have seen it happen many times, especially for show, but it is foolish and risky! Head injury happens FAST!

Why 2 people? Because when someone goes out they fall hard! There is risk of injury to both the catcher and the Uki with only one catcher. I know from personal experience as I caught a guy alone and ended up with a ruptured bicep tendon what require reattachment.

Also make sure you have practiced your resuscitation well! Always be concerned about the well being of your training partner!

Have a great day!

What is Self Defense, and How does it relate to Kyusho Jitsu?

Young woman is fighting with thief on street. Self defense concept.

If you take a look at the picture i have on this post what do you think? Professional picture, but not very accurate. But the picture does get its point across. Women can learn to defend themselves, much to some men’s dismay.

I used this picture in an ad for my new eBook on Humane Kyusho Jitsu. It does not fit the book, but people read the ad because of it. I even sold a book within minutes of the ad going up.  But I got a comment on it that states “what a piece of sh*t advice between the legs, my grandmother could do better.” Now I usually delete stupid comments, but I want the world to see this idiots.. LOL

Someone who comments like this, knowing nothing of what I am teaching has a tremendous sense of grandeur. Likely he was bullied as a kid and tries to makeup for it now.  He is the type who also “thinks” and I use the term loosely, that a fight and self defense are the same thing.

A fight is when two people take a conflict to the level of violence. Conflict can certainly become self defense, but that is when there is only one willing participant.  The model is totally different.

Today sport martial arts is bigger than anytime in history. As many of you know I am not a fan. However these men and women are amazing athletes and depending on the circumstances and their training “could” defend themselves in a real life attack. Now I mean attack, not fight.  Some of the things I see these fighters teach as self defense, simply is not.  Taking someone to the ground with an arm bar style maneuver and breaking the elbow simply won’t happen.

This person is not trying to win, he is trying to kill or maim you and then escape.  The adrenaline is much higher then being in the ring with a trained fighter.

Sport fighters also depend a great deal on the fitness level, And that can be a deciding factor on the street. The problem is that level of fitness cannot be maintained by the average person. Only a handful of MMA fighter will ever see big money, the kind of money that would allow them to train like they love to do. Jobs, kids and life get in the way.

This is why pressure points are the key to self defense.

It compensates for age, size, gender, health and fitness levels. In today world, it has become a necessity! One of my students often posts about attacks in real life and why real self defense training is needed. I am honestly surprised being Canada just how much that happens in racially motivated. There is racism everywhere, but WOW!

To those of you who are MMA fighters, I wish your careers well! But as you grow older, and we all do, and someone recognizes you and decides he is gonna take a shot at the title, do you really want to roll the dice on your skills and fitness level, or do you want to end the issue fast and effectively and not hurt the next day?

Kyusho Jitsu has and always will be the answer. It works with anything you have learned, and will as long as you are able to do it!

Have a great day everyone!

Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp

The Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp is coming July 2018 and will be held in BEAUTIFUL Brasov Romania, a small city in the Carpathian Mountains of Transilvania.

This will be an exciting 2 1/2 days of training for anyone interested in learning more about pressure points and other aspects of the art of self defense. I am going to limit the number attendees to 75 for next years event. The reason is I wish to have a very intimate learning experience for those who attend!

Now Romania, the country I now call home is so very beautiful so I know you will want a few extra days, or longer to see the sights! Below is a video of this beautiful city that many of the residents say is “probably the best city in the world.”

I have to agree!

For information on the RMATC visit our website below:

Or visit Pressure Point Canada;s Events section of Facebook!

I hope to see you there!

Is Kyusho Jitsu for Real or are you just a Good Marketer?

The answer to both questions is YES

Yes Kyusho Jitsu is REAL!!

YES I am an excellent Marketer!

Back in the 80’s and 90 one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever done in the martial arts was with the UFC and the Gracie’s. “99% of all fights go to the ground.” A genius statement, with zero factual basis.

I have never ended up on the ground and the only time I have seen anyone on the ground is when they are unconscious or hurt badly.  Now I am not talking about 2 or 3 idiots who have had to much to drink, or who’s ego’s are bigger than their brains and take a argument to violence, I am referring to the real thing, LIFE and DEATH. I have no interest in anything else.

Martial artist train themselves for thousands upon thousands of hours in the mechanics of punching and kicking. Some will condition the body to absorb tremendous amounts  of punishment, yet very few wish to actually spend the same amount of effort and time to  understand the weakness of the opponent, which is what the study of kyusho jitsu is all about. Ending a attack as quickly as possible.

Kyusho Jitsu is part of a complete martial arts education and repertoire. No style alone is complete and no style is perfect. Martial arts study is about self education, not indoctrination. Bruce Lee said that 40 plus years ago and many of the men who idolize Bruce never understood or heard his words.

Pressure Points and/or Kyusho Jitsu is real, it works in real life and death situations, and is an important part of training. As you age, as injuries take their toll on your body, you will learn to appreciate these teaching more and more.

Have a great day!

Kyusho Jitsu and Body Typing

The pressure point art and science we call Kyusho Jitsu is based on Chinese Medicine, some even on Taoist Medicine. There are many different theories in all these forms, however we subscribe and use the 5 Element Theory of Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water.

In these theories the body is made up of all the elements, with one being a primary element.  Now it is beyond the scope of a simply blog post to explain all this, it would take a lot of writing and time, however if you wonder about as an example “fire”, well your body produces heat right?

Now for our purposes and this is NOT beginners stuff, each person has a predominate element.  It is tied to body structure, and personality. I am a “fire” element person, my son Curt is a “metal” element person, and Scott a “wood” element person. With time and practice body typing become easy. There are challenges to do it with today’s condition of people overeating and distorting their appearance that way.

I can recall sitting in a restaurant with Steve Stewart many years ago after a video session and having fun calling out the elements of people in the room. “Get a look at the gall bladder on that guy!” (Wood).

How does this translate to self defense? After time you begin to think in body types. You just do it all the time! So the attacker is going to get typed because he is there! An example I am a fire person, so attack me with water as often as possible!

Now there more too it then that, but it is advanced information. I touch on it  in my advanced or master level eBook, but I don’t spend the time it deserves on it.

If you are interested in learning about this, and the many, many other things involved in Kyusho Jitsu follow the link below!


Upgrades to our Kyusho Jitsu University Memberships

I have been very very busy these last few days doing may different upgrades to not just our servers, but our memberships also. My latest was the addition of podcasts to our Gold Membership at Kyusho Jitsu University.

Now this is a REAL distance learning course, a way to get from beginner to master level in the pressure point art and science of Kyusho Jitsu, but also to obtain a Black Belt along the way if you chose to! The course has the same curriculum as the courses I teach in dojo, plus many extras to help make up for not being in the room together.

The podcasts will be used as a way to supplement the teaching, answer questions that the entire group may benefit from, plus much more!

Right now I am offering a One Month Free Test Drive of our GOLD Membership with no obligation to continue and no credit card required at sign up!

Hit the link below to learn more!

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The Reasons YOU Should Become a Certified Kyusho Jitsu Instructor.

Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups

My dream was to be a martial arts teacher and school owner. And I realized that dream in 2000 when I opened my own school after 16 years with my teacher, running locations for him.

But I soon discovered just how hard it really was.

Now I did not want a part time school in the basement of a Church. There is nothing wrong with that idea, but I wanted a full time business, doing what I love to do, and making a decent living doing it.

I had been in retail for many years before. Working with the public is difficult! But the martial arts biz is even more challenging! Not only do you have to provide a GREAT service to them, but you also have to MOTIVE them to get off the couch and come to class! After a hard day of work, that can be difficult!

Now that applies to parent of junior students too. WE often lost kids because the parents just don’t want to go out. So we needed high energy, exciting classes that provide great benefits to the kids so that mom and dad stay motivated to keep coming.

But adult students are even harder. Adult classes starting at 7 or 8 in the evening, well it takes some serious motivation to get things moving.  Then I discovered Kyusho Jitsu.

When I first introduced it in class, especially with us being as focused on self defense as we are it was a big hit! The students wanted to learn more and more. Even in sport oriented schools and clubs, adult students LOVE self defense classes.

SO I decided to do a study group at my school and see how it went. I signed up 12 almost immediately and we began to do monthly classes on a Saturday. The classes were 3 hours and the fee was $60 per month.

With all the challenges of running a school, that extra $720 per month was WONDERFUL! That paid my personal rent! After the first year I continued with that group in advanced sessions and began a new Novice Group.

To this day, 14 years later I still have many of those students in my school, and in my groups. One of those first study group members is running my groups in Canada now!

How is that for positive affect and retention of adult students? What is funny is that I did not try to expand the program either. I just took 10 per year. There was so much more I could have done!

How do you become a Certified Kyusho Jitsu Teacher? Easy! You can either purchase the certification programs outright and get started.

Or enroll in our Kyusho Jitsu World University Diamond Membership Program.

Here are links to find out more about both!

Kyusho Jitsu Level One Instructor Certification Course

Level One Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Course

Kyusho Jitsu University Diamond Membership

Kyusho Jitsu University Diamond Membership

Ask me about a One Month FREE Test Drive of our Diamond Membership too! Email me at .

Have a great day!

Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp – Summer 2018

Teaching at a Kyusho Seminar for Steve Stewart London On 2010.

I had the RMATC schedule for Summer of 2017 as many of you know but had to cancel the event. There were many reason that I did so. However I do very much want to do this, and make it an annual extravaganza here in Brasov Romania.

With that in mind I am putting the idea back together for Summer of 2018 and I expect it will be an EPIC event!

Now this will be a Kyusho event obviously but I have had a few teachers ask about doing some seminars there in some of the systems they teach and train in! So there will many exciting things going on!

If you are interested in participating, or perhaps teaching a session visit our Facebook Page and subscribe to the events. Also please like the page too!

Now the name of the page is Pressure Points Canada, and I have not changed the name as to keep confusion out, and also to honour where it all began for me!

Below is a link to the event! I hope to hear from you soon!



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You do not need a credit card to register, nor are you obligated to continue if you don’t think it is right for you! This is organized learning to bring any student of the martial art to a firm understanding of the foundation of the art of Kyusho Jitsu, and then beyond to master levels.

This is a $29.00 USD value, plus you get bonuses of another$49 on top of this and it costs you nothing! Now I am not going to go into all the details here, but follow the link below to get all the information right now and register!

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