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Grand Master Mason began his formal martial arts education on November 10th 1984 in the Chung Oh system Grand Master Oh from Kitchener was at the time a 7th Dan Black Belt Hapkido master as well as a 7th Dan Taekwondo master. His direct instructor was Master Philip Hollohan. He spend 16 years with Master Hollohan and earned his 4th Dan under him. He began his teaching career in the arts after about 1 year as a green belt and assistant instructor.

On March 1st 2000 Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts opened it’s doors in Belle River Ontario. It took it’s first students there on July 1st 2000 after spending time setting up the operation. On October 15th 2001 Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts opened its doors in Windsor.


Black Belt Credentials

  • Founder: Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts 2000
  • Founder: Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido – Eclectic style incorporating a lifetime of learning.
  • 9th Dan (Degree) Black Belt Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido (Grand Master)
  • 6th Dan Black Belt Pressure Point System (Kyusho Jitsu Master)
  • 5th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo (Master)
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt Kosho Shorie Ryu

Other arts studied

  • Cane system
  • Systema – Russian Combat System
  • Small Circle Jujitsu

Other Programs Certified

  • Women’s Self Defense Expert
  • Kid’s Safe NSA certification
  • HPPT Certification’s 3 Level Full Instructor (Humane Pressure Point Tactics)

Teaching Credentials

  • International Instructor – World Budo Alliance
  • International Instructor – World Head of Society (June 2001 Lifetime)
  • Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point System) Master Instructor Level 5 (all levels)

Other Honours

  • United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inducted 2000 – Master of the Year
  • International President World Budo Alliance 2000-2003
  • World Organization of Martial Arts Sports Award – Saudi Arabia



6 thoughts on “Despre Maestru Mason Art”

  1. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one!

    It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb
    choice of colors!

  2. Dear Master Mason,

    I never heard from you in circle of Kyusho-Jutsu. I am a student of George Dillman and I know all of the top Kyusho-Jutsu masters to be in USA, Europe or even Canada. I have just one question did you managed to have a club established by you in Brasov town?
    My background is a lot please go and see my web site: In my web site there are no Kyusho-Jutsu photos I hope this year I will have a new one in September.
    I have old ones.
    If you somehow are interested more about me then please go to Google search bar and type it: Who is Emeric Arus or
    Dr. Emeric Arus
    I hope you will be so kind and answer me.

    Thank you,,
    Dr. A.

    1. Good Day Doctor! That is because I don’t run in those circles. I am, always will be a student of Dr Steve Stewart. To my mind the best kyusho man in the world. I am from Canada, living now in Brasov where I do operate a small dojo. I also have a large commercial one in Canada, Windsor about 90 minutes from where Steve is located.

      I know all the DKI man people like Will Higginbottom, Paul Bowman etc but did not try to become part of that group as it were. Have a great day!

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