The World of No Touch Knockouts

This is one of the great mysteries of Kyusho Jitsu study, and it is really no mystery. There are reasons these are possible, and with some time and practice anyone can do them.

As far as them being used in self defense I personally have my doubts. At least not under normal circumstances, but then 20 years ago no one would have expected the technologies we see today either.

No Touch Knockouts are a great lesson in the ability to control energy as well as focus your own mind.  I have been doing them for many many years in demonstrations, and back in 2011 I did a special seminar for my advanced Kyusho class on the topic. It was recorded and produced into video.

I made the video available to the world for $37 back a while ago. I got rave review and a lot pf praise for it! This prompted me to write a companion eBook for it, which was released several months ago. The eBook sells for $47

With all this being said I am going to offer this week a GREAT deal on both these important products.

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