Control Techniques in Kyusho – Injecting energy

Joint locks and manipulation is what my root art is all about. The root art I studied in my 1st 16 years of training is actually called Kuk Sool Hapkido. However my Korean Grand Master did not call it that. I discovered our linage from him one grading day at a dinner table with a bottle of Scotch. There are reason he rarely spoke of it, but that is for another time.

Now when I went out on my own in 2000 I wanted to vastly improve what we were teaching, make it more effective for self defense and the street.

When I met up with Grand Master Steve Stewart in 2001 it changed everything for me! Adding Kyusho to these locks revolutionized everything we were doing! Today the art I teach, which I renamed in 2005 to Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido is always evolving and adding more to make it better for real life street defense.

Now below I am offering a hidden video on a Kyusho Principle of “injecting energy” into a point. Take a watch! Oh and please subscribe to our channel! There is a lot more free content coming!!

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The Beginners Mind and Pressure Point Self Defense

Be a White Belt Again

Who is it that successfully learns and develops in the martial art? There is an old saying that goes “a black belt is a white belt who never quit.” When I began training in the arts it was 1/1000 who made it to black belt. Today the odds are much better, because for the most part the brutality and I do mean brutality in training is gone. An example is learning to do a flying sidekick by having a staff swung at your legs.

The training is intense, but the cruelty for the is long gone.

Very few people who want to simply learn to fight survive in the martial arts. At least in the western world anyways. Why? Because there are easier solutions for thugs. That is why the gang problem in the USA and Canada is so intense. It requires no training, no work, to fight. If you are losing other will step in. All you need is to just be a thug.  This is the bottom of the barrel in society. Too bad…

So do I ever worry the knowledge of Kyusho will be misused? NOPE not at all! After  30 plus years of teaching, i have learned that a THUG is not motivated to train. Plus it does not take me more than 10 minutes to tell in person what type of “human” someone is/ The signs scream loud and clear if you pay attention!

A “B” grade martial arts student dedicated to training often does not succeed in Kyusho. Why? Because it demands more of them then they are currently giving. Many will not add more to their plates, at lease not seriously, and you must be serious in the study to succeed in Kyuhso!

It is “A” students who succeed in Kyusho to any real level of proficiency! But these people have a “calling.”

What type of student in the arts are you? If you consider yourself to be a A student, perhaps take a look at adding pressure points and its understanding to your current training.

If you are already a student of Kyusho, keep going! The knowledge can be and is a game changer in a self defense situation.

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Attack Along the Meridian – Kyusho Tips

The 1st principle that is taught in the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Courses or Study Groups is “attack along the meridian.” It at first seems to be a very basic principle, but the more you train with it, the more you begin to understand how “deep” the principle goes.

There is a pun there too for those at a master level!

From the wording of the principle it looks like it means to strike the points on a meridian in order. Such as hitting GB-01 and then perhaps GB-20. While that is not wrong, there is more to it!

First the principle is the most effect on the longer meridians, especially for the beginner! However the best strike is to distance them as far apart as possible!

As an example SP-6 and then SP-21! You will see a HUGE difference in effect. Try it out! Even better is to cross body with each strike!

Now we are going to be starting a NEW weekly series on YouTube very shortly! It is going to be call Kyusho Tip of the Week! This will be on Fridays!

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How hard do you really need to train for violence in todays world?

Young man being mugged in a dark tunnel by a violent man

I have to stop watching YouTube videos, honestly the things that are said hurt my head! I watch the HUGE egos of men talking about self defense, making assumptions and not having a CLUE!

What I was hearing yesterday was you need to train like a professional fighter to be prepared for a professional fighter. If that is actually true we need to ban all combats sports because we are creating monsters. But the video was all CRAP.

Terrorism is a big concern today and it should be! However these men are armed and operate randomly. Buy lottery tickets because your odds are better then meeting one! Plus you cannot defend  against an assault riffle or a bomb.  Even in places like France and Belgium where terror attacks are daily, if you stay out of the no go zones you will be OK. Now I have a strong few on these zones, but that is not the sunject here.

What the average person will meet, is a “drug addict” or a “gang member” considering the idea of robbing you because he thinks it will be easy.

BUT, sometimes these criminals go to far and violence does ensue! As running is always the best choice, that is what is always suggested, but sometimes you cannot run!  If you must stand and defend you do have a certain advantage if you are aware of it!

  • You were chosen because the attacker thinks you will be easy.
  • If you train consistently you can give this person a BIG surprise!

But you need certain skills to pull this off successfully! If you fail it just maybe your life! The first is the right “mindset.” Without the right mindset you are in deep trouble. This is in reference to the “fight or flight” reflex. Now I am currently working on a new eBook to help bring people to this level. It is called The Psychology Of Self Defense and can be read about below.

Next of course you need the physical skills that come from training in a martial art. I assume since you are reading this post still you are a martial artist. Next you need to understand how to take those skills and apply them to end the conflict FAST.

I have an eBook available called Understanding Neurological Knockouts you can check our from the link below.

Aside from all this, TRAIN then TRAIN some more!

Oh before I forget I have a FREE 3 Part Video Mini Course on understanding Kyusho jitsu Neurological Knockouts. You can subscribe below!

Have a great day!



Bringing Sport and Street Martial Arts Study Back Together! The Kyusho Connection

Time to reach out and reunite a lot of the martial arts world. Not by trying to say that MMA is better than traditional, or that traditional is better than MMA. Only to say that learning never stops, and we need BOTH aspects!

I competed in the 80’s and 90’s in the full and point fighting Taekwondo circuits. Not the national levels, but the lower levels. It was a great experience, however not my passion!

Today MMA is tearing the sports world apart! It has all but crippled boxing and has had an impact on wrestling too! The physical condition of the fighters is awe inspiring! But, no one can maintain that for a lifetime!

Recently I saw a video show on YouTube of a well respected, retired MMA fighting stating “pressure points don’t work on the street.” He is talking so out or turn, not having a clue what he is saying it worries me. Because his lack of understanding he can and will impact someone else’s decisions in life, and perhaps cause serious harm in doing so!

It will be like me giving advise to an MMA Fighter, I am NOT QUALIFIED and because I competed and won about 80% of my fights still does not make me qualified to coach! Because he has won a “street fight” or 2 does not make him any kind of expert. Thus the problems we have today with misinformation!  Don’t talk about what you do not know about! If you have not seriously trained in it, you have no valid opinion. I cannot comment on BJJ because I have not done it! I can only say I hear good things, and i hear bad too. But I have no opinion!

The fact is for all MMA fighters, TKD or Judo players both injury and AGE catch up with you! That is as big a reality as death and taxes is. You may win today if attacked, but it will be a different world when you are 55, pain from injuries all day long and some 22 year old punk decides to hurt you because he “wants a shot” at the title.

You NEED an advantage for that time in your life.  And like retirement you need to start NOW. Adding the study of Kyusho to your knowledge is a WIN for you, but first you have to drop the ego and open your mind.

I know personally 2 great fighters and martial artists back home in Canada, both men train champions, and both will testify to the importance of this knowledge to them. I know personally police, military, and tactical teachers who will say the same thing. If you want the names email me. I never namedrop on a blog without a heads up to the person I am talking about.

So lets get together and bridge the gap between the sport arts and the self defense arts. Take a look below at the FREE Kyusho jitsu Mini Course below. Look at the information and train on it! I would love to hear about your results too!

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Understanding 2 Way Action and Making Kyusho Work

Kyusho Jitsu, the science of pressure point self defense is really a science.  Here is a definition of the word.


  1. NOUN
    1. the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment:

This is how we study and learn as teachers and students of Kyusho jitsu. Science is NOT a DOGMA vomited forth by an authority like it is so often done today! It is the study of possibly and repeatable events or results.

The progress of Kyusho over the years has been very solid and steady. New things are discovered about the bodies reaction to stimulation all the time. This is why the study of Kyusho is so exciting for those of use seriously doing it. There is always something new!

Back in Kyusho’s humble beginning a pioneer of the arts, Professor Wally Jay brought something to Kyusho that revolutionized its effectiveness.

That was 2 Way Action! Today 2 Way Action is a cornerstone of the art and study, but sometimes people have problems understanding and applying it! Without 2 way action you will fail to make many things work!

Watch this video for a much deeper understanding of 2 Way Action, along with the lost art of visualization.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Have a great day!


Fast Knockouts are Needed in Self Defense

Pressure Points are the Equalizer!

If you find yourself in trouble on the street and you cannot run, which always the VERY best solution, and you have failed to talk your way out of it, then you need to end the issue FAST.

For years pressure point / neurological knockouts have been misunderstood. You can tell how badly by the number of negative opinions. These opinions are based on misinformation!

However I regress! To be successful on the street doing a pressure point knockout you need a deep understanding.  There are places all over the body, not just the head where a neurological knockout is possible! There are at least 10 I can think of off the top of my head, which means something will always be available to strike when needed!

But you need to know these points and TRAIN THEM!

That is why I created an introductory, FREE 3 video course to get you started! If you would like to join this course just fill out the form below, and each day you will get a link to download a free video and explaination of how to do it.

You can take this information and stop there, or join our course for more. It is up to you!

I am also going to be offering some really cool next week for people who follow us on Facebook. I am going to offer a FREE critique of any video knockout you submit to me via Facebook!

More on this coming shortly!

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Why Kyusho Jitsu is Revolutionary to Martial Arts Training

The martial arts world is an interesting place.  There are literally thousands of styles and even more opinions on what works and what does not work.  Some of what is said is true, some is not. Like anything else in life right?

So what makes Kyusho Jitsu revolutionary? For one it has been the most strongly apposed system I have seen in the arts in my 30 plus years.  When something is strongly apposed it usually is because their is truth to it.  The human nature of people is not to seek truth but rather to be right in their beliefs! And martial artists are the best at needing to be “right” about what they know.

Now I do not engage the “haters” because I will never change their minds anyways, and it is their right to disagree.  They are similar to the “students” I will encounter, be it in Kyusho or my Dojo who want everything for FREE. Those people are rarely ever successful because they have no stake in their education.  Someone with a real interest will gladly sacrifice for their learning, those are the true students!  So again why is Kyusho revolutionary?

Because it makes the true martial arts student look at his art very differently. Begin to see what is really in the art form, what the real potentials are for self defense not just the DOGMA taught by those who came before us.  Now I am not disrespecting the masters of old, I believe this is what they wanted for us. Self discovery, not just repetition of movement without real understanding!

Bruce Lee spoke of all this, many agreed and then returned to the DOGMA of old. Today there are many people who are “Bruce Lee Haters” who have no clue what they are talking about.

Now is Kyusho for you? It really depends on a few things.

  1. Are you hungry for knowledge or do you know everything?
  2. Are you still a student? Still teachable?
  3. Will you actually do the work. Today people want an instant answer for everything.

I am still learning and I am loving it! Kyusho changed everything i have learned about my root art and make if better, made it effective! If you would like to learn more, join our Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course!

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Why is Kyusho for Some People an EPIC Fail?

I watched a video the other day on YouTube, I will not bother to mention the channel, but it is hosted by a comedian who is a “retired” martial artist and former MMA guy. I rarely watch the channel, but this video on how pressure points, according to him and another “fighter” don’t work i had too see.

So why can these gentlemen, assuming they even tried, not make Kyusho work?  For the same reason that many martial artist have an EPIC FAIL when it comes to pressure points. They do not understand 2 Way Action.

Yes it is that simple, but you have to understand that many of the traditionalist out there are not teachable! If their instructor did not talk about it, then it does not matter or apply! I think we call that “closed minded?” But that is the way it really is! I know about 20 years ago I was one of them!

The real masters of old understood this concept(2 way action), but really did not know who to put it into words that the average westerner could understand. Even those who learned Asian languages will still have issue because they think in English (or whichever language).

But the answer as to the fail is simple. Lack of understanding of what foundation of the art. Unless of course we are talking about those too lazy to train, but that is a different story! But they love to talk too!

Have a great day!



Martial Arts, Kyusho Jitsu and Politics

First before I get into this I have ALWAYS honoured those who have taught me. Not one time have I ever disrespected any of these great men, martial artist and teachers. There are dedications to them in my earlier books.

However there is a lot of politics. And I am not interested in playing.

The Kyusho world politics is like any other political arena. They protect their friends and the ones who have supported them. That is cool, but people coming up are not given the chances they deserve to prove themselves. This leads to breakups of organizations and hard feelings. I want NOTHING to do with it!

This is why I created the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance  year ago!

I want to create QUALIFIED Kyusho Jitsu teachers under our banner. Men and women who wish to go out in the world and teach real live students, travel and teach seminars and be monetarily rewarded for their efforts, not held down because someone else’s “owns” the district! And I will help and support you all the way!

So how do you do this?

Step One – Join the KJWA, it is FREE

Step Two – Take our Level One Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Course. Right now I am offering an AMAZING price to get you started!

Plus I know for many martial artists funds can be tight! Believe me I have been there! If you need payment options I am more than happy to break the course into 3 or even 6 payments, Just email me at and I will explain how it works.

Don’t miss this chance! The prices to do all this will not remain low forever! ACT NOW or contact me with any questions!

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